We offer two types of decking: WPC Decking and PC Decking.

WPC Decking (Wood Plastic Composite)

What is WPC Decking?

WPC decking stands for Wood Plastic Composite decking and is a modern alternative to traditional timber. The plastic used in our WPC decking is recycled timber and recycled plastics so is environmentally friendly. It looks and feels like natural timber decking but its composition gives it several benefits over traditional timber decking.

PS Decking (Polystyrene)

What is PS Decking?

PS Decking is made of modified, recycled Polystyrene which can also be used as an alternative to traditional timber decking. Like WPC decking, it looks and feels like natural timber decking. However, its composition gives it the same benefits as WPC decking over traditional timber decking.

Benefits of WPC and PS Decking

  • Termite resistant
  • Rot, decay, mould, stain and mildew resistant
  • No oiling or maintenance work required over the life of the decking
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Splinter, cup and warp resistant
  • Easy DI.Y. concealed clip installation system

Both our WPC and PS Decking products come in a variety of attractive colours. Click on the Decking Product Catalogue below to view product colours and specifications.

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