DIY Awnings

DIY Awnings

What are our DIY Awning kits? 

The Carb-O-Lite DIY Awning Kit includes everything required to install your awning. With a stylish, European-inspired design, the awning can be installed for windows, doors and storefronts.

The transparent polycarbonate design protects from rain and sun, reduces heat transmission by 50%, is fireproof and is strong, lightweight and durable.

Features of the DIY Awning Kits

  • Transparent polycarbonate design protects from rain and sun
  • Reduces heat transmission by 50%
  • Fireproof
  • Strong, lightweight and durable
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Range of sizes (see Product Catalogue below for size range)
  • Little to no maintenance required 

DIY Awning Kits contain 

  • 1x lightweight 3.0mm solid Polycarbonate sheet 
  • 2x durable, engineered plastic brackets
  • 2x Aluminium fixing bars with rubber seals
  • 8x screws

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